Hello, thanks for visiting, I’m Rip Read – The Startist and I want to personally welcome you to this website and to my mysterious, one-of-a-kind art, StarMurals.

Imagine the awe-inspiring luxury of relaxing and sleeping under a gently shimmering blanket of stars, EVERY night... wouldn’t that be magical!

Now You Can!

Even better yet, imagine that you could enjoy this heavenly experience, night after night, in the comfort and warmth of your most intimate spaces…your bedroom, bath, massage room, or home theatre…now you can.

If this sounds intriguing to you then take a magical journey with me through the depths of space and cyberspace, to learn more about the most incredible art form ever…StarMurals.

Rip Read

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If you have your sound on now then you already know that I will be using audio. Here on the front page the introduction plays automatically, but on all other pages you will have the option of playing, pausing or stopping the audio at will. If you’re not into reading all of this text…and who is, all you have to do is click play and enjoy the pictures…I’ll tell you my whole story…in my own words and voice. You’ll also find extensive use of “click to enlarge” and “mouseover” on the many pictures here…be sure to make use of these tools for the best possible experience.


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