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The Science Of StarMurals

Over the years my StarMurals have made quantum leaps in the scientific sense. I made it my mission to study, research, experiment, learn and apply the highest degree of science and innovation to my materials, tools, techniques and processes.

The results have been nothing short of stunning. I am the only artist in the world today who has achieved complete daytime invisibility in my art. I am the only artist in the world that can guarantee that my murals glow in the dark all night long…up to 25 hours. I am the only artist in the world that can offer glow in the dark murals that will energize in the shortest period of time and perform well using nearly any light source…sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent, even 12V.

Throughout the five-year development of StarMurals, my work has been made up of equal parts…science project and astronomical art…and I’ve enjoyed both. I’ve researched and experimented with over 100 brands of phosphorescent materials, from over 50 manufacturers and distributors, worldwide…in a variety of micron particle sizes. I researched and experimented with dozens of artist mediums, in gels, gessoes and pigmented paints…in a variety of textures, finishes and other properties. Iíve experimented with and tested special binders and engineered formulae, from around the world.

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The end result is a 100% proprietary formula that is truly unique and world-class. I only use raw materials from 2 suppliers, one for phosphorescent pigments and one for “mediums”. Both of these companies are the world leaders in their fields and each batch of material they produce comes with certified lab test results, material safety data sheets and world-class quality and continuity.

Each StarMurals project is unique and requires the custom formulation of all materials, for each project. The custom formulation is never seen by the client but typically takes 2 hours or more to create. I never recycle my “paints”, I make just enough for that one job…ensuring a mysterious and magical result.

Custom Formulation
  Custom Formulation
My process of formulation is top secret and involves many objective and subjective factors, including viscosity, density, pigment loading, specific gravity, color, sheen, elasticity and more. The end result is a highly durable, long lasting, fully invisible product that glows brightly, night after night, for 20 years or more. Built into all my “paints” is a special UV inhibitor that protects the finish from yellowing and other damage from sunlight. Also featured is a finish that once it has “set-up”, is even washable. You can even put a coat of paint over your StarMural and it will still glow brightly... night after night.

All of my finished materials are non-toxic, non-radioactive and 100% safe, in all environments. In case you are wondering, NO, I do not sell, license or otherwise distribute my formulae or finished products…they are 100% proprietary…for my use and the enjoyment of my clients only, so, please don’t ask.


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