The Universe Of StarMurals

This page is designed to provide an overview of the many versions, variations and options available for your custom StarMural. The options are only limited by our mutual imaginations. There is literally an entire universe of possible options…let’s explore them together. Click on these images for a larger view.

The visuals on this page will provide some insight and hopefully get your creative juices flowing. On the following several pages you will learn about the complete range of possibilities, from the basic to the exotic and beyond.

You’ll learn that I can paint a night sky view from here on Earth, with your choice of random star patterns, constellations, shooting stars and even a slice of our own Milky Way galaxy, as seen from Earth. Departing the gravitational pull of our planet, you’ll learn that I can take you on a trip through Deep Space…revealing galaxies, comets, nebulae, star clusters and more.


You’ll see how StarMurals can be scaled to fit any situation, from large-scale deep space objects (DSO’s) as the main feature, to smaller scaled DSO’s used as enhancements to a larger view of the universe. The possibilities are limitless.

You’ll learn that StarMurals can involve ceilings, walls, window coverings and a wide variety of other surfaces. You’ll see that StarMurals can be painted in a wide variety of environments, including; bedrooms, bathrooms, massage rooms, spas, game rooms, home theatres, wine cellars and much more.

You’ll see how StarMurals fit nicely in luxury and lifestyle hotels, private residences, superyachts, motorcoaches and even aircraft interiors. The only limitations are your imagination, and ability to control the ambient light.



    Meteor Showers Globulae Clusters Meteors Nebulae
Galaxiy Close-Ups Open Clusters Comets Galaxies

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