StarMurals Original Designs 


Now that you’ve seen the “core” StarMurals designs it’s time to see my more exotic StarMurals.  All of the design concepts presented on this page and the pages linked from here, are my original designs…I am the only artist in the world creating these beautiful masterpieces in high-end phosphorescents.

First is my StarMurals Day & Night Sky™…just like in real life, your daytime sky evolves to a beautiful night sky…and back again in the morning. First we establish the sky blue background, then I airbrush in the clouds to complete the day sky mural. Next I create a special invisible night sky on top of the visible day sky…the end result is very special.
Now let’s take a journey from Earth to deep space to see the unlimited variety available in your special StarMural.
I call this one StarMurals Incoming™. If you like the effect of my moving shooting stars, you’ll love this one. Incoming is a super dynamic meteor shower, featuring up to dozens of incoming meteors; plenty of stars and a view of our own Milky Way…this one is great on a wall or a ceiling and wall combination.


StarMurals Galaxies Galore™ heading out into deep space we find galaxies…hundreds of billions of them…and they come in many shapes and sizes. I paint them all…scaled from large features as pictured here to smaller accents added to other StarMurals. To learn more about the many Galaxies Galore™ options, Click here.




StarMurals Nebula Neighborhood™ In Latin the word nebula means cloud and that’s what deep space nebulae are…clouds of gas and/or dust in interstellar space. Nebulae are found in an infinite variety of shapes and size…each one unique. If you would like to see some of my favorite nebulae, Click here.


StarMurals Comets & Meteors™ These objects have several shapes and intensities and I can scale them to fit any situation, from major features to smaller pieces. To see a variety of comets and meteors, Click here. 

StarMurals Clusters Collection™ Clusters are great…and so intensely dynamic. They come in generally 2 types…Globular and Open…and are made up of groupings of stars that are closely associated with each other, yet are not a galaxy. I especially like globular clusters, like this one…millions of stars, tightly grouped together. Of course these can all be scaled to fit any StarMurals design plan. To see the entire Clusters Collection™, Click here.

Now that you’ve seen some of the possibilities available in my StarMurals, it’s time to see how and where StarMurals fit into your life and spaces. In the following pages you will see how StarMurals can be the perfect addition to boutique, luxury and lifestyle hotels, superyachts, private residences, business jets and motor coaches, commercial and visible ceilings and a variety of optional canvases.


Learn More About The Many Galaxies Galore™


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